Monday, 5 November 2018

Update on junk mail: Put yourself on the Robinson list!

I have good news for those who want to get rid of junk mail. I don’t know about countries other than Belgium but I believe it exists in every country.

As I had reported in my previous blogpost on junk mail, I had written letters to several senders of unsolicited mail. A few have written back to me, apologetically and confirming that I would no longer receive unsolicited mail.

One of them wrote me back telling me where they got my address and that, if I no longer wished to receive unsolicited mail, I could register myself on the Robinson list. I have checked it out online ( It exists for mail as well as for phone, but the phone link is not working at the moment due to a recent (and positive) change in the law. 

Did any of you know about this? I sure didn’t!

I have registered both myself and my husband on the Belgian Robinson list. Companies who buy data for direct marketing purposes will no longer get our address for a period of 3 years, after which I will be contacted to ask if I wish to extend my registration.

I am so pleased with this. I will write this nice helpful lady a big thank you!


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