Thursday, 19 October 2017

Let me shock you with some statistics!

I did it. I held on to all of our waste for an entire month and it was gross! But I did it, and I did it for a good cause. You’re welcome!

Well, I didn’t keep all of it. For instance, I didn’t hold on to food leftovers, Q-tips, kitchen towel, tissues and well… toilet paper.  There are limits!
This is just a snapshot, rather than an average. 

Different seasons produce different waste and sometimes you go through unusual circumstances such as exam periods, lots of work in the office, preparing for holidays and renovations. These periods can come with more waste, just because, for instance, buying ready meals is more convenient than having to cook yourself,…!

For example, we bought a bathroom mirror which came in a big cardboard box of 2.6 kg. Of course this distorts the numbers a bit, but not including it would not be realistic either, because we do buy kitchenware and printers and stuff on the internet all year round, and they all come in boxes. 

I might take more snapshots later during this exercise, just to be able to compare, if I can find new strength to go through this rubbish again!

OK, here we go:

·         Paper and cardboard = 9.28 kg
o    including unsolicited mail = 3.1 kg
o    including the big cardboard box = 2.6 kg

·         Coffee capsules (estimated 4/person/day) = 3.32 kg

o    including (wet) coffee = 2.98 kg
o    Therefore aluminium = 0.34 kg

·         Plastic = 3.7kg

o    including bottles = 2.1 kg (including shampoo and cleaning products)
o    including food packaging = 1.6 kg

·         Drink cartons = 0.7 kg
·         Tin cans = 2.8 kg
·         Other bits (tin, cans, Styrofoam food boxes) = 0.3 kg

Per year that means

·         Total waste= 201.36 kg, including
·         111.36 kg of paper and cardboard
·         44.40 kg of plastic
·         4.03 kg empty coffee capsules

Per 10 years that means

·         Total waste= 2,013.60 kg (more than 2 tonnes!), including
·         1,113.60 kg of paper and cardboard
·         444 kg of plastic
·         40.32 kg empty coffee capsules

Add to this 1 regular bin liner of 60 litres a week. It is made of plastic and weighs 45 grams. That is 2.3 kg of plastic a year, just to get rid of other waste!

Add to this 1 plastic bag to dispose of our plastic bottles, cartons and cans every 3 weeks. It is made of plastic and it weighs 25 grams. That is 433 grams of plastic a year, just to get rid of other plastic!

Are you as disgusted as I am? Good. Let’s change things around!


  1. aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hoe grellig!
    Maar ik verschiet vooral van dat papier: da's zoveel zeg ?

  2. Ja dat is gerellig he? Ik heb een stickertje voor de brievenbus aangevraagd. Blijkbaar is het bestellen van ongevraagde post aan mensen die duidelijk hebben gemaakt dat ze dat niet willen, strafbaar! Intresting!

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